Thursday, May 17, 2007


I honestly don't care who in Britain wins the next general election. All options would be equally bad. I despise New Labour, and yet the alternatives from within the Labour Party would be worse. The Tories are sickening, absolutely awful. Liberal democrats? Sorry, who...?

So, British politics is not worth dabbling in.

But the US? Well there is always this guy:

Republican Congressman for Texas, and Presidential candidate Ron Paul. And the great thing is that he is running in a party that hates him! The GOP is more scared of Paul than they are of the Democrats! Maybe this is why:

Rudy Giuliani is the leading Republican hopeful, and see how he reacts to Paul's justification for opposing the war! It is hilarious that Giuliani thinks that it is "extraordinary" and "absurd" to think that ten years of bombing Iraq and decades longer of US occupation and intervention in the Middle east could explain why 9/11 happens, when his own explaination is the party line "they hate our freedom"!!!

The Republican party is lashing back, with senior Republicans trying to silence Ron Paul by calling for him to be barred from future debates.

Thankfully Paul refuses to back down:

I doubt he will win, and I doubt that if he does Congress will let him do much. But Ron Paul is stil very inspring!

UPDATE: Nice commentary on the Conservative TV Network Fox's spinning of the second GOP debate and the Paul Giuliani divide:


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