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Liberty Forum having been taken over by Nazis, as I have said, every other post appears to be about Jews. Jews do this, Jews do that. It is a constant barrage about how the Jews really run the world, in some big conspiracy.

Needless to say, this all gets a bit tiresome. They all get annoyed when I ask how this conspiracy is managed, because none of my Jewish freinds get any of the memo's for the meetings! How could they be conspiring whaen they don't even know about the conspiracy?!!!!

Anyway, I got so sick of this shit that I decided to fight fire with fire: One lousey nut job conspiracy theory deserved another. When the boss isn't watching, I like to read the books at work, especially ones that are split into brief segments so I don't miss much if work obliges me to put it down. Under this description fell a book, an encyclodaedia of conspiracy theories (it didn't mention holocaust revisionism, btw, but we have a different but similar book that does). Based on information I got from there, I created this post, in response to somebody's tired objections to the volume of anti-semitism on LF:

Its all a front and the anti-Jew brigade are simply covering for their real masters.

After all - there could not be a real Jewish conspiracy, since the Knights Templar would not allow it.

Yes, that is right, the Knights Templar. This group were the original international banking cartel, setting up some of the earliest banks and money exchanges. Kings of Europe feared them, and eventually tried to hunt them down and kill them because the power of the temple rivaled that of kingdoms. So we have a powerful organisation, setting up international banking.

The Knights templar, history books will tell, were wiped out in a wave of religious persecution. However, it is also known that some knights fled to Scotland - a church they established there features in the Da Vinci Code (of course, they also worked to hide the true legacy of Christ's lineage).

The Free masons were established in Britain, and it is known that, amongst other things admittedly, their rituals include rituals carried over from the Knights Templar, indicating the influence of the Order on the Masons. So, the Knights Templar run the free masons.

In addition to this, though, in 1771 in Bavaria, Adam Weishaupt started an organisation of free thinkers. This organisation believed in creating a world government of enlightened despotism, with the greatest free thinking minds, scientists, philosophers, and the such, bringing an enlightened rule to the world. They called themselves "The Enlightened Ones" or the "Illuminated Ones": The Illuminati, better known as the Bavarian Illuminati. The group was outlawed, along with other secret societies, in 1778.

What is the connection to the Knights of the Temple? Well, firstly, most of the original membership of the illuminati was drawn from masons, who, we know, may well have been under the control of the Knights. However, beyond this, a powerful off shoot of Knights Templar were the Bavarian Knights. Bavarian Knights, Bavarian Illuminati... the connection is obvious.

The KGB, it is well known, tried to infiltrate the free masons, since so many western leaders were masons. But what may also have been the case is that the inflitration was reciprocal: The Masons infiltrated the KGB. This would put the KGB under control of the Knights Templar, via the Masons - and the Bavarian connection, handy for East Germany, strengthens this. Many Conspirologists suspect that after the fall of the USSR the KGB survived as a secret organisation going underground.

So, the world is actually run by the Knights Templar, and they obviously would not allow competition from a Jewish conspiracy, which is why there is not likely to be such a thing.

All ridiculous, I know. Interesting stuff, and fun digging up "evidence," or stuff that can be interpretted as evidence, but nonsense speculation in the end...

...Except that the nut jobs believed me!

Some were Skeptical, and I had to work at defending the "theory." One guy, in response to my claim that the Templars ruled the world, said "And of course you KNOW that. Right? Didn't you take Dan Brown a bit too seriously (:-)?"

I responded, thusly:

On the contrary, Nothing of what I said came from Dan Brown (Though people also claim that the Knights are behind the Priory of Sion. There are the rites of the Knights Templar and the Order of the Templar in the masons, French Knights Templar did flee to Scotland, and they are suspected of creating a group of stone masons there. The free masons started as a network of Masons in the UK, federations of local guilds, as masons needed to travel all over the country finding work.

Other conspiracy theories link the Knights Templar to the Skulls society that Bush and Kerry are part of. In the mid eighties an organisation was also started claiming to be able to trace its routes back to the templars.

The Bavarian Illuminatti was an historical fact - Jefferson was an admirer, and it is also a fact that most members were masons. There is no evidence that the illuminati was a part of the Free Masons, though, only that people were members of both. Both were persecuted in the late 1880s. There is no evidence that the Knights Templar really survived, or that they are running the Masons. KGB infiltration of the masons is fact, but reciprocation is speculation. So too is the idea that the KGB survived the fall of the USSR.

But then, the idea of a Jewish conspiracy is crap, too.

Unfortunately, he didn't take note of my admission that what I said was nonsense as much as was the idea of a Jewish conspiracy, since he further stated,

I am not saying that these entities didn't exist. I am saying that I can't believe that any such organization had plans more than thousand years ahead of time.

In defense of my "theory," though, I never said that the Templars planned a thousand years ahead, only that they still existed as an organisation, and ruled the world via the international banking cartel, the free masons, the illuminatti, and the KGB - and now the society of Skulls!

One guy responded to my original post saying, "Interesting post. I'll have to put on my thinking hat in order to consider it" with a link to a picture of a Templar cap, to make his pun evident. He went on,

The Templars get blamed for a great deal. They were equalled by the Hospitallers of the order of St John. Then there were the latecomers, the Teutonic Order, of the Rule of St John.


The one to look at is the Teutonic Order. That and other quasi-masonic societies were part of a huge rennaissance in mysticism in the late 19th Century. It errupted in the face of Darwinism, embracing it; growing emancipation of working classes, rejecting that, plus the new philosophies.

Similar occured in Britain with the Cambridge Set, resulting in the growth of the Society for Psychical Research, some of whose members were highly influencial in the formation of the Fabian Society, which adopted a structure based on the Jesuit Order (Not surprising given the backing by Rockefeller/Morgan).

In Germany, the Teutonic Order sprouted an offshoot, the Thule Society, which formed the NAZI party. That in turn founded the SS, structured along the lines of the Jesuit Order, and which founded Ahnenerbe.

Ahnenerbe spent more money on Psychic Research than the US spent on the Manhatten Project.

If there is a "New World Order", this is its recent history (without mention of its political, industrial and economic side). A sort of "dark side".

In the end I had to email him and tell him privately that I was joking to wind up the anti-semites! It goes to show that it takes a particular mindset to be an Anti-semitic Nazi! That of being a gullible moron!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im not going to discount what is written in this blog because the Free Masons and the Knights Templar are so tight knit that the only way to know about them is to be one of them. But the conspiracy theory concerning the Jews is very provable. First off you said in you blog that your jewish friends know nothing about the conspiricy. Ofcource they wouldnt or it wouldnt be a conspiracy. Next if you really research who owns the most powefull world banks you will find that they are jewish owned conglermates. These people control money flow and the international rates of money through out the wold. Every one knows that if you control the money flow then you control everything. Also Ariel Sharon made a comment on a Jewish radio interview in isreal which stated that "... we (the isreal nation) control the United States and they know it." This statement also gives the Jewish theroy a little more conviction. Anyway point being no one can prove any conspiracy theory but you can get a good picture of things if you apply your mind and do some good research. Just something to think about

7:49 PM  
Blogger Unity7777 said...

The Knights Templar were Christians and Jews created Christianity. It's still the Jews.


3:47 AM  
Anonymous Concerned Jew said...

Your own Ameri-centric prejudices are keeping you willfully stubborn, blind and misleading others!

There is a DIFFERENCE between the ZIONIST JEWISH ELITE and the average Jew-(like, YOUR friends).

Here is the official apology that no one explained this to YOU sooner! This is your wake-up call to PLEASE RETHINK EVERYTHING, because YOU are making the mistake HITLER did by mistaking SOME Jews with ALL Jews just because the word is misused collectively and denotatively, instead of connotatively.

Whether you are Christian or not, consider: when the APOSTLE PAUL wrote of "THE JEWS killing Christ." Was he referring to ALL Jews??? Studied in context we see that the RULING JEWISH ELITE, the Pharisees, and even some Sadducees had 'whored' themselves over time to pagan rulers, AND paganism itself, i.e. Babylonian Mysticisms which they incorporated with TORAH(Mosaic books). This resulted in first oral then written (by Rabbis) TALMUD, Zohar KABBALAH, etc. Since the Antedeluvian era, ALL the world's ills have evolved through BABEL; Babylonian Mysticism; Persian & Assyrian paganism; Romanism, etc and finally, the Roman Cult church (Kabbalah-influenced Templars) and her daughters. And ALL this was faithfully carried into modernity by faithless,TALMUD-TRADITION-LOVING Jews since 1AD. Not ALL Jews, but Jews nonetheless...

This TALMUD virus became the cornerstone of JEWRY today, during all our exiles and diaspora, the people evolved to cling to the TALMUD (oral then written) more than the un-user-friendly Torah, and TANAKH (entire Old Testament)! Those exiled within each pagan nation mixed paganism with TRUTH and carried the "wheat with tares" seed globally. We see the mix EVERYWHERE: in law; economics; governance, societal norms...

Later, NON-SEMITIC ASKENAZI and KHAZAR tribes seeking a homeland; TRADITION, and identity ADOPTED this TALMUDIC JUDAISM as THEIRS! The majority of global Jewry actually descend from ASHKENAZI or KHAZAR ancestry, and ARE NOT SEMITES!!!!! The Palestinians who who've lived and intermarried there for 2000 years ARE SEMITES!

The JEWISH ELITE, who's TRADITION depends more on (Babylonian) TALMUD than TORAH (Mosaic books), became the ruling class BANKERS both in antiquity, and today. By the time Shakespeare included the wily Shylock moneylender in his play The Merchant of Venice, Jewish bankers had already earned themselves a fearsome and distrusted reputation among royals and commoners alike.

A royal passing a ROTHSCHILD estate, stopped his carriage to comment ENVIOUSLY to his companion, "this could only belong to a Rothschild!" Meaning not even a royal or nobleman could equal such opulent wealth.

The ROTHSCHILDS RULED European finance since the mid, if not early 17th century, funding both sides of wars since Napolean and Wellington.

Note that the article mentions the five sons who were famous by 1811, having been sent by the family scion, Amshel to conquor European finance across the five major centers VIA monarchy and the 'church!'

Once this was accomplished they reached into the Americas VIA FEDERAL banks; weak governments FIAT currencies; and false flags.

WHO funded socialism; fascism or revolutions; or the ENTIRE state of Israel? THEY DID! They use and hide behind us the AVERAGE Jews for their own nefarious, global oligarchy. Listen to the majority of Orthodox Jews, (NKUZA.ORG), or a growing chorus of non-orthodox Jews who bravely share the TRUTH about ISRAEL, the ROTHSCHILDS; ZIONIST JEWS etc!!

SO , obviously THE ELITE PSEUDO-JEWISH BAKING ELITE are NOT your "Jewish friends,"...or the average Jew like me!

10:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Templars rule the world. Period.

12:26 AM  

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