Thursday, August 16, 2007


The Daily Mail has taken the opportunity to bash immigrants again, as "Foreigners commit 20 per cent of crime in London, say police," they report. Naturally, their "solution," is implicit in the quote from the torty immigration minister Damien Green, "This is a fairly shocking side effect of the lack of control of our borders and the sheer numbers of people coming to Britain." In other words, restrict the freedom of innocent people trying to immigrate, rather than provide better policing to protect us against criminals, wherever they may come from.

To get a view of how biased this article is, try it from the other angle. "Foreigners commit 20 per cent of crime in London, say police," is another way of saying "Natives commit 80 per cent of crime in London, imply police." Thats a different spin, is it not?! Or better, "you are four times as likely to be a victim of a criminal who is a native British citizen than a foreigner in London." How's that? The figures are precisely the same, but now who does it suggest we should be afraid of? Not immigrants!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If "immigrant" is defined as one born outside of the UK, then immigrants comprised 27% of London's population in 2001 (the latest year for which figures are available):

Thus if they are committing 20% of the crimes, then the ratio of immigrant to crime is 27:20 and the ratio of native to crime is 73:80. Simplifying, we get 0.74 for immigrants and 1.1. Or to put it another way, natives commit 50% more crimes per head than immigrants.

Thus by the logic of the Daily Mail and Mr. Green, the best way to reduce crime in London would be to allow unlimited immigration, thus increasing the proportion of immgrants and thereby reducing the number of crimes per head population.

Tee hee ;-)

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Anonymous nizki said...

The immigrant ratio in 2008 is far different than 2001 :)
hmmm. let's make some simple calculation:
It's about 2,300 crimes commited by Poles from some 500,000 of Poles living in London. It's some 0.46 %.
Whilst 1.750 crimes commited by some of 100,000 Jamaicans (more than 1%), about 1% of Irish commited crimes.
And finally... about 17.000 crimes commited by Brits in London (let's say about 5,000,000) that's mean that 1,4% of British commited crimes in London - three times more than Poles!

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